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I Don’t Remember THAT Being There…

The Forrest Gump Project -3.5 Stars- This project calls for the insertion of the self into a historical photo. Forrest Gump is in my pantheon of 10/10 films, so I knew I had to do something with this assignment. I have had a long-running fascination with the images kept on the Voyager 1 Golden Record. […]

Run Up on You

Splash the Color -3.5 Stars- This assignment is cunning in its simplicity. Just remove the color from all but one object in a photo. This idea is a stylization and edit I have seen many times over the years, so I wanted it to be special. I decided that I wanted to use this on […]

Populate the Landscape: Conflict in Strange Lands

-2 Stars- I chose Populate the Landscape for one of my visual assignments. Why? Because the prompt to fill an empty landscape made me think of a stage where I got to decide what play was being performed there. Filling empty landscape with inhabitants fundamentally changes the whole subject in such a precise way. The […]

Pen to Paper: Draw It

-2 Stars- Back in 2021 I took a Digital Approaches to Fine Art class at UMW. One of the early assignments was to create a composite photo with at least 4 of ourselves in it. The image from that old assignment is what I am altering for this Draw It assignment. This original image was […]