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Final Project Context and Writing

Some context for the final project: It is a prequel narrative to a video I made for another class. What I was trying to express was the experience of a being that was forced into physicality from a kind of collective conscious blob of information. What this is based on is the fact that the […]

Film Academy 2: We Need A Haircut

For the scene analysis I decided to pick the final scene from David Cronenberg’s “Cosmopolis” (2012), a film adaptation of the novel of the same name by Don DeLillo. There was one large pattern that I noticed across each of the 3 “perceptions”, which all reinforce the psyche of Paul Giamatti’s character. The pattern is […]

Film Academy

Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”:Ebert’s guide on how to read movies feels less like a guide and more like a primer. The brief tips and explanations are (as admitted in the article) not comprehensive. They are good building blocks for reading scenes and a solid way to work out the muscle of paying […]

Knock Knock

This American Life: What Doesn’t Kill You The theme of this episode is based around stories of people who have nearly died and what life is like for them after the fact, a subject matter of general interest to me. Totaling at 4 stories the tales range from the familiar, such as cancer, to the […]

Audio Wisdom 2: Teachings of a Sage

On the TED Radio Hour Demo:This clip was short and to the point: it is an example of how environmental sounds can be used to drive and stop a story. A story about robotic interactions becoming a replacement for the social activity of an elderly person. The ambient noises between dialogue create a sense of […]

Audio Wisdom

Takeaways from Ira Glass:This guy is throwing out advice that feels like it should be taken by anyone who wants to make anything, not just radio stuff. His point in part 3 about the gap between taste and quality of initial work is some of the truest material regarding creativity I have ever heard. The […]

One Spicy Design

“The Vignelli Canon” by Massimo Vignelli was a breath of fresh air for me. Allow me to present my perspective: a person who is very interested in design and is trying to learn about it without a full, formal instruction. Whenever I try to learn about essentials of design I’m always given identifiers of elements […]

Infusion of Knowledge… Kinda

The reading and videos for this week registered in 2 different ways for me. The first was the technical side of images, and how to capture/make good ones. Most of these principles and tips are things that I am familiar with from past experience and education. Visual literacy is something I am quite familiar with […]