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Home Movies: Week 4 Summary

This week was fun. It was nice and light on work and I got to work with some ideas I’ve had floating in the procrastination zone for some time. Because it was such a light week this summary is going to be quite short. I had a lot of fun on the Music Video assignment, […]

The Search for the New Sound: Week 3 Summary

This has been the roughest week thus far. It kicked off with a Windows update excommunicating the audio drivers from my motherboard audio jack. It straight up just doesn’t work anymore, it’s infuriating. Every other jack works, even my case headphone jack on the front end. The issue with my front end jack is that […]

Drowning in Design: Week 2 Summary

Week 2 was fun. I felt like I was a bit more original with how I handled the assignments and I got to play around with Illustrator, which I’ve been meaning to do for a minute. I’m feeling a strong 9/10 this week. I think I really excelled with the movie poster assignment, namely in […]

Week 1 Part 2: Recollection of Vision

Week 1 in total was certainly a grind. The tedium of loading up my tutorial steps at the end of each assignment is something I will continue to dread for the remainder of this class.Anyway, on to answering the reflections questions. My quality of completion? 8/10 or so. The down low is that I’m never […]