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The Search for the New Sound: Week 3 Summary

This has been the roughest week thus far. It kicked off with a Windows update excommunicating the audio drivers from my motherboard audio jack. It straight up just doesn’t work anymore, it’s infuriating. Every other jack works, even my case headphone jack on the front end. The issue with my front end jack is that […]

Swizz Told Me to Let the Beat Rock

Play DJ and Make a Song -4.5 Stars- I hard started making music casually up until this class started and I found myself stripped of time, so naturally I took this opportunity to have some fun. Unfortunately my audio drivers got murdered in a Windows update like 3 days ago and I haven’t been able […]

Knock Knock

This American Life: What Doesn’t Kill You The theme of this episode is based around stories of people who have nearly died and what life is like for them after the fact, a subject matter of general interest to me. Totaling at 4 stories the tales range from the familiar, such as cancer, to the […]

Audio Wisdom 2: Teachings of a Sage

On the TED Radio Hour Demo:This clip was short and to the point: it is an example of how environmental sounds can be used to drive and stop a story. A story about robotic interactions becoming a replacement for the social activity of an elderly person. The ambient noises between dialogue create a sense of […]

Audio Wisdom

Takeaways from Ira Glass:This guy is throwing out advice that feels like it should be taken by anyone who wants to make anything, not just radio stuff. His point in part 3 about the gap between taste and quality of initial work is some of the truest material regarding creativity I have ever heard. The […]