W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Twilight Contemplation

Final log.

Over the course of this class I feel like the two muscles I got to train were improv and habit. The visual and video weeks helped me learn to think quickly and use my imagination to turn a little into a lot. The audio and design weeks let me spend more time with programs that I only had a basic understanding of, and will definitely speed up my workflow with them in the future.

If I were to change or redo anything it would be to not take this class in the summer (if that was ever an option). Almost every week I had bigger ideas that I wanted to try, but couldn’t because of the crunch schedule with another summer course and a part time job. One other thing I would do differently is be a bit more prepared for audio week. Sound character is such a big deal for me in art and I feel like I kinda flopped on it. I should really get a sound card for my computer and a DAW that isn’t LMMS, I can’t even map drum pads in that thing.

The most exciting project in this class for me was definitely the music video. I enjoy video editing but I rarely find myself thinking “Yeah this idea would work best as a video”, so I don’t ever really get to do it much.

In the end I think that the most learning I received from this class had to do with learning about my own work ethic abilities and creative tendencies. I have a better understanding of subjects that I’m drawn to and how I make sense of them. To be honest, this understanding has been the real value I’ve gotten out of my entire time at UMW.

Catch you in the narrative.