W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Final Project Context and Writing

Some context for the final project: It is a prequel narrative to a video I made for another class. What I was trying to express was the experience of a being that was forced into physicality from a kind of collective conscious blob of information.

Said video

What this is based on is the fact that the character had been a part of this pantheistic mind by artificial means. Almost like he was jacked into The Matrix.

Really what it is is the aftermath of a Tower of Babel narrative. This is why the writing in the story has an almost poetic structure with confusing use of singular and plural identifiers. I was trying to communicate a memory of what it was like for this character to be an artificially divine mind, but really he was experiencing a kind of Platonic Cave. He is rescued from his synthetic hubris by a truly divine mind, being the eye that sheds light. This is the point of the Genesis 3:21 quote in the video at the end. It is built on the understanding that God casts Adam and Eve out of the garden as an act of mercy, because to eat from the tree of life while in this fallen state would actually be the worst case scenario for them. The garments of skin are a simultaneous symbol for being clothed in death, while clothing in general is a symbol of a technology that compensates for mortal deficiency. The technological hivemind that GIGAPEDE comes from shares this symbolic lineage with the Tower of Babel and clothing in general. His divinity is synthetic and he needs to be saved from it.

So yeah, it is pretty much anti-Gnosticism story telling, lol.

I hope this is coherent. There are certainly some changes to the way GIGAPEDE speaks between the project and the original video. I wanted the project for this class to be able to stand on its own so I changed his dialect to something more approachable.