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Home Movies: Week 4 Summary

This week was fun. It was nice and light on work and I got to work with some ideas I’ve had floating in the procrastination zone for some time. Because it was such a light week this summary is going to be quite short. I had a lot of fun on the Music Video assignment, and I think it came out quite nice considering the resources.

I even got to meet the comment quota for the week, isn’t that crazy? The only real challenge I had this week was the fact that I had to scrap my original music video idea. Probably for the best, because it would have entailed a face reveal, and why would I break the streak at this point? I also had to endure the psychic agony of letting Youtube run ads for the copyright claims on my videos. I probably could have put in more time than I did, considering I’m not entirely unfamiliar with Adobe Premiere. The thing is that once you’ve learned one Adobe tool you’ve kinda learned them all.

Performance Rating: 9/10

Thoughts and themes:
Circles and cycles is the big theme of the week. This is obvious and explained in the Music Video post, but more implied in the AMV. The swells and drops of “Into the Deep Time” give this feeling of psychedelic recursion, and a large subject matter of Evangelion is psychological patterns and Freudian psychoanalysis (based on overarching patterns of behavior). Patterns and circles are just things that I think about a lot in general, so it makes sense that I would make something about it.

Over and over and over and over and over and

See you next week for the season finale.

Assignments (8 Stars):
Music Video -4 Stars-
AMV -4 Stars-
Thoughts and Misc:
How to Read a Movie
Scene Analysis
Daily Creates
Peer Comments