W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Create a Music Video -4 Stars-

Making a music video was easily the most fun looking assignment in the bank, of course I had to do it. The only problem I had was I didn’t know what “production value” I would have at my disposal. I couldn’t really organize any other people in time to get his assignment done, so I knew it would just be me and my phone camera.
I decided to use Feels Like a Wheel by Death Grips. The neat thing about Death Grips is that you can really make a video of any aesthetic and it will probably work with the track to some degree. Very DIY-friendly. Also, this track really spoke to me. Allow me to plot out my precise thought process when I was listening to this song for ideas:
Feels Like a Wheel > Wheel > Cycles > Ouroboros > Cycles remind me of the the time I had to get off painkillers after a particular accident, in which my train of thought felt like a skipping video tape during the withdrawals > The Ouroboros is a common symbol for chaotic self-destructive habits, e.g. addiction.

The colors and distortion were largely inspired by Sematary music videos. I’m a big fan of how the excessive saturation really jumps out of the graininess.

So that was really it: a video of an agonized person who can’t sleep because he feels like he is within a wheel. I couldn’t get anyone to help record, so I taped my phone to the ceiling above my bed. I think it all came together quite nicely.

The Final Video.

Tutorial Time

This was all done using Adobe Premiere, my phone camera, and Audacity. The Ouroboros image can be found on it’s Wikipedia page. I just cut out the background and exported it as a PNG in Photoshop.