W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Cyber-anthropological Praxis

Animated Music Video -4 Stars-

AMVs are a staple of internet culture. As soon as I saw this assignment in the bank there was no question that I was going to do it. I have fond memories of indulging in edgy post-hardcore AMVs made from anime edits.

Truly a sacred craft.

When I approached this project I wanted to pay some homage to the tradition while also putting in some good effort and keeping it fresh. Things like credits (other than the legally required ones in the description) and linear storytelling don’t fit with the creative energy of AMVs. The direction of the narrative is usually dictated by the song, but this is first and foremost a type of collage/plunderphonics style of art. The primordial creative urge of “What if I put this thing that I like and this OTHER thing that I like TOGETHER?”
I decided to go with a classic anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion. AMVs made from the “End of Evangelion” film are quite popular, so I decided to mash it up with footage from the last episode of the original series. This gives plenty of iconic scenes to synchronize with breaks and chorus drops. I chose “Into the Deep Time (One Sun)” by Candy Claws for the song. The dense noise of the mix pairs well with the intense visuals and symbols in Evangelion. The recurring climaxes and drops feel like your surfacing your head out of some cosmic roil, just before you dive back into the water. This is largely the basis of the “story” in this piece. Both the final episode and the film deal with the theme of choosing to dissolve into an formless nothingness instead of facing the horror of distinction (self-awareness, relationship, identity, etc.). Form and the restrictions that come with it are the price of pure potential.
Color manipulation and resolution framing are the primary means of editing for this video. I wanted to try some techniques I hadn’t really seen in AMVS before.

The final product.

Tutorial Time

This was made with Adobe Premiere Pro and Audacity. Follow the VLC section of this guide to procure your desired footage from Youtube, if you need it. Audacity can just record your headphone output directly on to a track so that you can get an mp3 of the desired song. Youtube will likely automatically monetize your video for the record label while it checks for copyright content. Nothing illegal, you’ll just have ads tacked on to your video against your will.