W.D. Minihan

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Swizz Told Me to Let the Beat Rock

Play DJ and Make a Song -4.5 Stars-

I hard started making music casually up until this class started and I found myself stripped of time, so naturally I took this opportunity to have some fun. Unfortunately my audio drivers got murdered in a Windows update like 3 days ago and I haven’t been able to get them working proper yet. So I knew that I had to make something stylized out of poor mixing. If Reptilian Club Boyz can do it and be called “experimental” then why can’t I?

The true avant-garde.

I knew that I wanted to sample “Bubble” since I saw it earlier this year. The plot might be mid but the soundtrack is 10/10. I have no idea if this breaks the “no recording” rule from the assignment prompt, but I presume that meant actual microphone recording.

This would slap over the right sawtooth chords.

Vocal anime chops with heavy reverb and bit-crushing reminded me of this ambient/hypnagogic weeb music I stumbled across earlier this year. It was all coming together. A standard trap beat with some more Drill inspired hi-hat patterns and I was ready to go.

This track is actually incredible imo.

Every morning I wake up wondering what new music I’ll find today. It has become a true labor for me, like an ascetic practice. Some people travel around the world to gain cultural perspective. I spend 8 hours a day searching for music. I’m so cutting edge in my finds that I have been known to steal artist’s hard drives just for snippets and unreleased instrumentals. The police don’t understand my work. I have coined more genre labels than Anthony Fantano has reviewed records. I comb Bandcamp, RateYourMusic, LastFM, Soundcloud, even Newgrounds. None are safe from my ears. It was one routine day on Soundcloud when I came across a track called “Hypnagogic Club Boyz”. The obvious RCB reference piqued my curiosity. It’s been forever since something decent popped up in the HexD scene.

The track in question (final song)

It was magnificent. I couldn’t stop replaying it. The texture of the sample was absolutely entrancing. I reposted it everywhere, but no one else would give it the time of day. Typical. My musical palette is larger than most humans’ vocabulary. They wouldn’t understand, they never do. They laughed at me when I told them that Post-Industrial Bubblegum Crunk was going to be the next big thing, and then they didn’t even have the decency to credit me when I ended up being right.

Someday my patrician taste will be recognized.

Tutorial Time

A video? Finally? This was all done with Audacity and LMMS, a free open source DAW that isn’t as good as FL Studio or Ableton, but it gets the job done in a pinch (I exist within the pinch). Let it be known that I cannot hunt down every drum sample for this, as I just have a bunch of packs on my computer. You can find r/Drumkits here, which is where I got post of the packs. This tutorial is not comprehensive, as I can’t teach you the ins and outs of music production and you probably wouldn’t want to learn that from me anyway.