W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Audio Wisdom 2: Teachings of a Sage

On the TED Radio Hour Demo:
This clip was short and to the point: it is an example of how environmental sounds can be used to drive and stop a story. A story about robotic interactions becoming a replacement for the social activity of an elderly person. The ambient noises between dialogue create a sense of space, while the sudden music cut near the end ushers in “The Problem”.

On ScottLo:
What I will say about Scott is that this guy is charismatic as hell and has a silky smooth radio voice. His vocal chords were built for this. I listened to every episode in the syllabus and I can’t say that I had a ton to take away from it. No knock against him, but this is because, like with previous weeks, I have previous technical experience with Audacity and audio from hobbies and classes. I honestly think just listening to the style of the pieces in general taught me more than the actual content. I still feel like it was worthwhile, as I’m so unfamiliar with pure audio narration (I don’t ever listen to radio).