W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Takeaways from Ira Glass:
This guy is throwing out advice that feels like it should be taken by anyone who wants to make anything, not just radio stuff. His point in part 3 about the gap between taste and quality of initial work is some of the truest material regarding creativity I have ever heard. The same goes for part 4, regarding the beginner mistakes of mimicry and weak personal interest skills. Part 1 and 2, story structuring and story finding, feel a bit more unique to radio. I think that “dressing up” a story for radio will be a bit more difficult than any other medium. In my experience there seems to be less patience and appreciation for listening to a story purely from sound/verbalization than for mediums such as video or graphics.

Takeaways from Jab Abumrad:
This video actually made a strong case for the strength of radio as a medium. The idea that there is a very personal, 1 on 1 dynamic that cultivates “co-authorship” between the speaker and the listener is very compelling to me. I can also see where he is coking from when he says that radio might not ever die, although I think that radio is being somewhat supplanted by podcasts these days. However, I also think that podcasts and radio are much more different than most people realize. I think I will elaborate on this in another post.