W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Website Logo -4 Stars-

Making a website logo seemed like worthwhile endeavor. While the domain of “The Goblin Den” is not long for this world (working on some rebranding, ya know?) I figured a new banner would be nice, since my current one is just a random image I had that I just threw up there. I had 2 ideas: a cartoonish, poorly drawn goblin cave or an abstract goblin head that is more in line with the future aesthetic.

Second Life Marketplace
What could have been…

I went with the latter because I wanted to fiddle with illustrator settings to see how I might put together the future graphics more efficiently. I am nothing if not efficient in my sequence of tasks. So the idea was to put together a wide banner that wasn’t too overwhelming. 3 colors, 1 of them textured. I could finally put up The Goblin Den slogan: Mostly junk, Some treasures. I figured a papery/natural background would be nice, with very dark red text. Goblins probably don’t know what calligraphy is, so they use… alternative materials. The dark red also compliments the dark green of the goblin head.

The life of a goblin is a life of stigma. Every day some group of goons breaks into my home, takes my things, and kills some of my friends and family in the process. They say things like ‘HeRe’S tHe StOlEn AmUlEt!’. Like, just because some dunce loses his belongings in the wilderness and I end up finding them doesn’t mean that I STOLE them.

You won’t find a town that lets a goblin in to do some honest business, but THEY feel like they have the right to seize goods from MY home. I’ve decided to put some signage above the entrance to my den. I don’t know how to write so my 3rd cousin did it for me. He’s also helping me write this…

The logo banner.

I’m hoping that this sign will look professional enough that we start to get the common respect that we deserve.

Tutorial Time

This was all done in Adobe Illustrator.

1: Load up your canvas. The header dimensions on the WordPress theme I’m using recommends 1000 x 250 pixels.
2: Cover the canvas with a rectangle filled to your choice of background color.
3: Use the ellipse tool filled to your choice of green to start your goblin head.
4: Make a triangle using the polygon tool.
5: Scale it down and set the stroke to the same color as the background.
6: Copy + Paste the triangle, then reflect it for the other ear.
7: Repeat step 6 and manipulate it to make the nose.
8: Use the shape builder tool to fit the ears around the head.
9: Use the rectangle tool with the same stroke and fill to make the eyes. Round the points of the nose.
10: Group the shapes together for now.
11: Make 2 text boxes for the title and the slogan.
12: I set the text to the Chiller typeface as a dark red.
13: Select the background shape and select the “fx” options. We want to go get some texture to spice things up a little.
14: I chose the Sponge texture with these settings.
15: Remove the stroke from the ears so that it doesn’t clash with the texture pattern. Done.