W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

Week 1 Part 2: Recollection of Vision

Me staring at myself staring at pictures of myself staring at pictures of pictures… Too many images.

Week 1 in total was certainly a grind. The tedium of loading up my tutorial steps at the end of each assignment is something I will continue to dread for the remainder of this class.
Anyway, on to answering the reflections questions. My quality of completion? 8/10 or so. The down low is that I’m never satisfied with any work I do. It is a condition I have come to accept. BUT, I think that I did a solid job on all of the assignments except for “The Forrest Gump Project”. I can’t say that I’m okay with the PhotoSafari due to the hideous fluorescent lights, but I have to own up to the decision to shoot it in a Hobby Lobby.

The Horror

Creativity is usually much slower for me than this. To be honest I wasn’t terribly challenged by anything this week except for time management and sometimes trying to make a coherent narrative. I feel kind of bad saying that, but the truth is that most of the visual assignments were quite easy on the technical side of things due to my past experience with Digital Approaches to Fine Art. I’m probably going to eat those words in future weeks, I imagine. I think that what I enjoyed the most is the 4 visual assignments. Being able to pick my own work gives me a lot more room to get invested in it, rather than just doing it to get it done. If there is one thing I learned it is that sometimes the best thing to do after you create something is to forget about it. Dwelling on it can just be an infinite source of suffering.
If I were to do anything differently it would be to pick a different context image for “The Forrest Gump Project”. The low resolution and weird lighting made shopping the image really difficult, and I don’t think it came out very good. I just have such a fascination with the Voyager 1 images, I couldn’t resist.

As for “larger implications” or commentary from my work, get ready for some heavy post-rationalization. Across all of the assignments from this week I noticed a theme of “Things or people in places that they should not be”. Most of this theme seems to be “Seeing things that you were not meant to see”.

Out so late?

Location and spaces are things that interest me, particularly in the sense of hidden or ritualistic spaces. I feel like these “veiled zones” zones are becoming more and more rare with increases in internet access and globalization. The idea of discovering something that no one else has comes with a thrill, danger, and mystery. I typically believe that most people are addicted to comfort and security to a detrimental degree.

Reading/Material Reflection
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Visual Assignments (11 Stars):
Draw It -2 Stars-
Populate the Landscape -2 Stars-
Splash the Color -3.5 Stars-
The Forrest Gump Project -3.5 Stars-
Daily Creates (2):
The Post