W.D. Minihan

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I Don’t Remember THAT Being There…

The Forrest Gump Project -3.5 Stars-

This project calls for the insertion of the self into a historical photo. Forrest Gump is in my pantheon of 10/10 films, so I knew I had to do something with this assignment. I have had a long-running fascination with the images kept on the Voyager 1 Golden Record. This idea of just “human things” trying to be displayed and communicated as simply as possible turn us and our history into something quite surreal. I thought it might be kind of cool to take this idea of “a photo in history” and take it into the future.

Normal human things. Original image.

In some distant future, a human research vessel lands on a planet some star systems away. The mission is simple: to find the remains of the ancient Voyager 1 probe. Scans indicate the long-buried wreckage of the probe, and an archaeo-technician and his team dig it up promptly. Upon cracking open the chassis, a glimmer of gold reflects out of the probe’s cargo hold. Mixed in with the contents are a variety of Old World images. Taking stock of the ancient cargo, one of the team members brings the archaeo-technician an image with something… different about it.

“This doesn’t look like the one from our database”, says the archaeo-technician.

The edited image.

The Tutorial

As always, we are working in Photoshop. This one was quite difficult due to the low resolution and bizarre lighting in the original image. I would say this is the first assignment where I felt like I had to really play around with things to try and get them to fit.

1: Load up your “historical photo”
2: Load up your self photo.
3: Get a selection on yourself that you want in the image. and make a layer mask out of it.
4: Do some cleanup on areas that got left out of the selection.
5: Smooth out the edges of the layer mask. My settings are on the right.
6: Copy and paste your layer mask into the original image.
7: Hide yourself, then select and make a duplicate of your foreground objects.
8: Slide yourself in behind there.
9: The coloring on ourselves doesn’t really fit in with the image. Let’s balance out these colors.
10: These are my settings to match the red/warmer tint of the image.
11: Select burn tool so we can work on some shadows.
12: Let’s make an attempt to match the lighting in the image.
13: Do some shifting and scaling to fit yourself in a bit better, and you’re done.