W.D. Minihan

Catch me in the NARRATIVE, jackin’ your MECHANISMS

-2 Stars-

Back in 2021 I took a Digital Approaches to Fine Art class at UMW. One of the early assignments was to create a composite photo with at least 4 of ourselves in it. The image from that old assignment is what I am altering for this Draw It assignment.

Initial “MILLIPEDE” image

This original image was titled “MILLIPEDE”. The name came from the feeling that I wanted it to capture: “Something you find under a wet rock”. I wanted the viewer to feel slightly uncomfortable, like they just stumbled upon a function that they shouldn’t have. A big aesthetic inspiration for the scene came from the music video for “Hive” by Earl Sweathshirt.

Said music video.

The multiple selves imply that this location is an inner corner where you stuff the dirty laundry of your interior life. The I thought this vibe would be a good basis for the Draw It assignment because drawn scenes make me think of someone who left the encounter ASAP and are now trying to illustrate to someone else.

The “drawing”

How’d you do those alterations?

Good question, reader. I made this with Photoshop. I didn’t follow any tutorials as I’m already quite familiar with the program. That’s why I’m here to show you how it’s done. Here is a tutorial!

1: Open your image in photoshop.
2: We want to get all those pesky colors out. Here is where you find the saturation tool.
3: The setting to get rid of colors (hint: We want it at 0).
4: Now this just looks like any B/W filter. We want a DRAWING and we’re gonna mess with exposure to get it. Here is where you find the tool.
5: The settings for the exposure (look at that CONTRAST).
6: It still looks a bit too smooth to me. Can you draw that well? I can’t. Let’s get some rougher edges. Here is the sharpening tool that we will use to mess it up a little.
7: Apply sharpening to your liking, and voila!